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Kennedy Space Center sign. * On my second day of vacation, Mom and Dad and I decided to visit the Kennedy Space Center.  Dad had neverseen it before. * 2272 x 1704 * (2.8MB)
Space shuttle model. * One of the displays was an animated model of the space shuttle that described the liftoff sequences. * 1704 x 2272 * (2.1MB)
Space shuttle engine * An engine used in the Space Shuttle was on display on the first level of the launch viewing tower. * 1704 x 2272 * (2.15MB)
Launch Pad. * From the top of the launch viewing tower you can clearly see the launch pads at Kennedy Space Center. * 2272 x 1704 * (3.76MB)
  Kennedy Space Cen  
  Space shuttle mod  
  Space shuttle eng  
  Launch Pad.  
Launch Pad. * A view of another launch pad. * 2272 x 1704 * (3.98MB)
Mom. * Mom at Kennedy Space Center * 2272 x 1704 * (3.68MB)
Apolo Control Room. * Further along the tour is the Apolo Control Room.  The control room is also animated in sequence with a video of one of the Apolo launches. * 2272 x 1704 * (2.56MB)
Apolo Stage 1 Engines * On display was one of the Apolo rockets.  This is a shot of the stage 1 engines. * 2272 x 1704 * (2.63MB)
  Launch Pad.  
  Apolo Control Roo  
  Apolo Stage 1 Eng  
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  2004-03-14 Kennedy Space Center  (23 Slides)
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